I believe that there are very few of us that have been able to master this one.  It leaks in from everywhere and everything tends to escalate until we are drowning in it.  Overwhelming and exhausting.

A good portion of FRUSTRATION stems from being pressed for time.  Being accountable to a clock and obligated to a calendar, dictated by everyone but ourselves.  Going through the motions to exist everyday, all the while….Time is flying by with rigorous schedules, crowded waiting rooms, traffic, long lines, school activities , then after school activities, etc. etc. etc.  In general everyone functions having anxiety and constantly in a state of being STRESSED OUT.

All this TIME seems so valuable, so is it wasted or just taken for granted?  Why do we rarely try to use our time wisely?  Why can’t we say “NO” to the stuff that uses it up for no good reason? Why do we feel this sense of obligation to this world that chains a time-clock to us at birth?

Some have been stuck with the F-word for much of their adult lives.  Time being demanded and used up, mostly with our permission.  We lose control of our own lives and let others dictate and guide until we end up just going through the motions and just existing.  This puts us in a place of discouragement and we lose focus of what it was that “WE” wanted out of life .  FRUSTRATING!

We keep so much on our plates from everyone surrounding us that we end up not leaving room for dessert…. The good stuff , what we want, making our lives worth living… Our way.

We have these dreams and expectations of  life to go our own way, but rarely does life happen as we plan or map out in our mind.  FRUSTRATION takes the wheel and we just have to go along for the ride.  When to we get to be our own navigator in this lifetime?


Expectation is the root of all Heartache.

–William Shakespear

The less we expect, the less we deal with disappointment .

What will bring us strength and power enough to rise above FRUSTRATION from all circumstances?????


[joi]  noun:  gladness not based on circumstance

We can let peace enter back into our lives when we let EXPECTATIONS-COMPARISONS AND DISAPPOINTMENT leave and take FRUSTRATION with it.  Replacing it with Peace, contentment and JOY.

the Bible says to Count it ALL joy in James 1:2

Ultimately JOY is a much better companion for life’s journey.

So, Choose JOY… everyday

The link to this song will give you a start!