“F” is for : FLAWED

To be flawed is to be human… We are all human and that means we are all Flawed. So why do we worry and focus so much on every little one?  I feel I am made entirely of them most days, I always have been one to beat myself up because of all my imperfections. I have this battle in my head of comparison and feeling inadequate. Not ever able to meet the standards of religious beliefs, peers and the judgmental onlookers. Hoping that my moral compass couldn’t be too far off.

Trust me, I put myself in check often about them all, as I’m sure the majority of us do.  So there is no need for the opinions and judgements of others.  We become our own enemy because we learn over time to be kind and complimentary to every one but ourselves.

I find it very hard to accept compliments because of all the negativity in my head.  How do we redefine ourselves to start to be able to believe better truths? To admit our flaws, but know we each bring something unique and wonderful to this world.

We can’t help the cards that we are all dealt.  We have to play the game of LIFE with whatever we get.  Now that I’m getting older and hopefully wiser , I am not finding all of this as pertinent as before.  I just wish I would have played my hand differently and not have been so hard on myself.

Feeling inferior to others because of who you are, where you come from or what you have to go through this life looking like -That’s just cruel and usual punishment on your mind, it will eventually corrode your heart and soul until it changes who you are… who you could have been.  It can take you to dark places that you can’t always come back from.

I believe that I allowed the world to make me much harder than God intended.  My own pain gave me a disregard and bitterness that has been difficult to overcome.

It’s so obvious in hindsight.  Age does give us time enough to start to figure out the necessary and the petty- which makes finding and holding on to contentment much easier.

I wish that I could make all the teenagers surrounding me on the daily learn these lessons much earlier because “The Struggle is Real”…. It really is!  But it doesn’t have to be…..

We will believe all the lies we tell ourselves or that people make us believe …and when we finally live long enough to get to the TRUTH…We trade it in for regret.  How sad.

We can start by being kind to ourselves- in spite of FLAWS.  They do not define us.

-We are not obligated to make sense to anyone.

“I am beautifully broken, perfectly imperfect, beautiful in my flaws.  All together, I am a beautiful disaster.”

Recommended Read:  This book reveals the source of self-limiting beliefs that rob us of joy and create needless suffering:
The Four Agreements: A Practical guide to Personal Freedom   by Miguel Ruiz  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/6596